Installation Tools

Having the correct tools to complete any job is the key to success.  Beauty-Crete Supply, located in Tulsa, OK has various decorative concrete products and installation tools for the experienced contractor or homeowner. We keep the most commonly used items in stock and can order other items upon request.


SP sprayerThese SP sprayers are rated for use with acids which make them ideal for decorative concrete projects.  They can be used with the Eco-Stain, Acid/Chemical Stain, liquid release agents, etc.  Cleaning the sprayer properly after each use will help extend the life of the product.  Even with proper care the inside seals can breakdown but repair kits are also available to purchase when this happens.

ChapinWe also stock a sprayer to use with solvent based materials.  This sprayer is good for use when mixing a liquid hightlight solution for your secondary coloring on a stamped concrete or stamped overlay project.  When using sealers & other solvent based products in these sprayers it is essential to clean them thouroughly after each use.  Repair kits are available for this sprayer also.


magic trowel Magic Trowel can be used for various overlay applications.  They are available in 2 sizes (18-inch & 22-inch).




sandlesSpiked Sandals are needed when installing overlay materials.  Adjustable nylon straps make these easy to wear over your shoes/boots.  These sandals allow you to walk on the new surface without making large footprints.  They spikes along the bottom will leave a small mark in the new surface, but can be easily touched up when finishing the product.


steel finisherSteel Finisher (squeegee) can be used for applying a base coat of overlay material as well as a large scraper for assist in floor prep.




gauge rake Gauge Rakes are used to apply thicker overlay mateiral at an even depth/rate.  The rake has 2 adjustable sleds that can adjust from 0-2 inches.



Roller cover5101287-23Roller frames and covers  We carry the standard 9″ paint roller frame and roller covers to fit these frames.  Our most common roller covers are 3/8″ nap (regular & lint-free available), which is recommended for most decorative concrete sealer applications.




kxdbMortex Dash Brush is used to achieve the quality surface texture for small to medium applications of Kool Deck & Kool Deck Elite.